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In order to be successful in today's fast-faced business world, a company and its leaders must be ready to embrace change. As the old saying goes, change is the only thing you can count on - it is so integrated into business that there's no question of its validity. But why is it, then, that many organizations struggle with change, especially when it comes to safety? The answer is in how they introduce change to the organization and how the entire change process is carried out. This program will teach management how to implement change within the organization and get the support by labor that is needed.

How well does your organization measure up to safety standards? What is the attitude of management and labor? This program investigates the paradigms that are held by people in regards to safety. Participants will learn what needs to be done to overcome and change those paradigms and create a culture of Safety.

This is a simple but effective formula. Change the attitude you'll change the behavior. The end result will be a safer and healthier environment. But just because this is a simple formula, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy. First you must understand why the Attitude exists. Then you must pinpoint the Behavior that is produced by the Attitude. Only then can you work to help employees make a change.

A culture defined in short is the totality of a society in regards to their beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes. To create the type of culture that promotes positive safety consciousness, an organization must recognize certain requirements. This program will focus on those 4 requirements:
1. Encouraging & Empowering Leadership
2. Employee Involvement & Commitment
3. Accurate Assessment for Measurable ROI
4. Ongoing Process of Improvement

OSHA General Industry  Outreach Training
10 Hr & 30 Hr Federal OSHA
10 HR & 30 Hr CAL/OSHA


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