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Fed-OSHA anhydrous ammonia rule temporarily suspended

A provision in the recent year-end funding bill passed by Congress has temporarily suspended the recent policy change by Fe-OSHA that would have forced retail facilities selling anhydrous ammonia to comply with Process Safety Management (PSM) rules, rules historically aimed at manufacturers. The language in the bill prevents OSHA from implementing the policy changes in fiscal year 2016, which ends September 30, 2016. AgWeek

NIOSH updates ‘MultiVapor’ respirator cartridge tool

NIOSH has revised its MultiVapor tool for estimating the service life of air-purifying respirator cartridges. This version of MultiVapor includes 66 new compounds and replaces the previous version, which expired on Dec. 31, 2009. According to NIOSH, the parameters of three commonly used cartridges were averaged to more accurately represent popular cartridges. Safety+Health

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It isimportant that people feel safe. Individuals that do not feel safe will not be happy and productive. We all know that a workforce that is not happy and productive will negatively affect the bottom line of any organization. Providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees is important to profitability.

The best way to do this is to provide a cutting edge safety strategy that will use the most important asset that is in your organization. Your Employees! By management and labor working together, you can create a Culture of Safety.

A culture is characterized by: 

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• Encouraging employee involvement and commitment  

• Ability to accurately assess for measurable ROI

• Creating an ongoing process of improvement 

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